Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Barack 1; McCain 0

John McCain is one of the luckiest men in office. He maintains the image of being a reformer independent from any party but has in fact disagreed with his corrupt party in very few instances (here's a good analysis of the real McCain record). As this link says, McCain--widely believed to be a straight-shooting political moderate is not one at all "unless you look through the lenses of a brilliant and successful public relations campaign." [emphasis added]

Currently, McCain is claiming that Barack Obama's reform bill will not get any Republican support. Obama is the true straight shooter on reform, and as for McCain, screeching about bipartisan support is silly when his side of the aisle represents the corrupt interests that are being targeted. Which party got money from Jack Abramoff, whose indictment has provoked calls for reform? Whose is the party of Tom Delay, Duke Cunningham, and Robert Ney? Which party has turned K Street increasingly to their side, so that lobbyists representing powerful interests are required to donate only to them? The Republicans, of course. The fact that John McCain, who represents this party, is unwilling to support Obama's bill proves only that McCain and his party are unwilling to support genuine reform, that they still cannot respect good government ethics. Obama's inability to get bipartisan support then represents only the Republican's hostility towards regulations that will prevent undue influence by wealthy interests in politics.

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