Sunday, January 07, 2007

Some excellent takeaway quotes for 2007 political resolutions

The Nation's Katha Pollitt:

  • Think bigger...Decent affordable housing--an issue that's dropped off the radar screen even as housing costs have skyrocketed. Free or nominal tuition in public universities--sounds like utopian madness until you realize that public higher education actually was free, or cheap, until the 1980s.
  • Stop giving the right credit for our ideas...why heap praise on antiwar reactionaries like Chuck Hagel or right-wing hacks with a soft spot for the ACLU like Bob Barr or antichoicers who draw the line at banning stem-cell research like John Danforth? [My corrollary to this one: stop nostalgicizing the Reagan era.]
  • Stop looking for a savior. If we create a strong movement, leaders will arise...whatever their merits, if you want the next Democrat in the White House to feel beholden to you, don't act like a groupie two years in advance. Concentrate on building a movement he'll need to court--and satisfy.
  • Don't think your lifestyle can save the world...the world will never be saved by highly educated, privileged people making different upscale consumer choices.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear!!
And a shout-out to all your great '07 posts so far, which I've just caught up on.
~ harriet

Elaine said...

Thanks for loyally reading! Love, E