Friday, April 02, 2004

Why do I like this sick, awful man

Oh Boston Rob, Boston Bob, B.ob, the Robfather, Rahb, you have played "Survivor Allstars" like an open book, blatantly winning every challenge through your fiercly competitive drive, and then, like the Grade-A asshole that you are, rubbing every one of your endless victories in. You have the most Boston of Boston accents and are as classic a Red Sox fan as can be--boastful, opportunistic, competitive, Yankees-hating-- and until tonight I thought you were a total douchebag.

However, even the toughest of men can show that they have a devotion to ...dare i say it...LOVE, over anything else. Yes, Boston Rob basically pulled out all of the stops to preserve his Survivor lover Amber in "Survivor" after she got thrown in with the opposing tribe. He went against the naturally amoral, it's-all-about-winning-the-game instinct in projecting that his biggest concern was staying in tact with Amber, even if he appeared to be an un-strategic pure fool in love. (Come to think of it, that's not such a bad strategy, but anyway).

(For anyone who cares, there are currently two tribes on "Survivor Allstars", Mogo Mogo and Chapera. Boston Rob and Amber were on Chapera along with a bunch of other misfits and southies, until tonight's tribe switcheroo which basically left the two tribes in tact save THE SEPARATION OF AMBER FROM THE REST OF HER TRIBE).

Anyway, Rob basically pulled a Godfather move, saying that he would get Lex's back if Lex, who was part of Amber's new tribe, had Amber's this round. Lex pulled through for Rob (but pretty much sunk his chanches of winning) by keeping Amber on and voting off the loyal and surprisingly likeable Jerri instead. All because Rob didn't want Amber to go. Geez, what's gonna happen if they're in the final two? That can't help a relationship. And wow Lex is stupid, b/c Rob has no one's back except his own and um...Amber's. Make of that what you will.

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