Monday, April 26, 2004

District of Crrrrazy

On this most recent visit to D.C., I realized what a crazy city it is. Just bizarre. I don't know how else to explain it. Maybe it is the mix of people there. So here are some various funny people and happenings that I encountered while in D.C:

-a man with a t-shirt saying "The South Will Rise Again," confederate flag logo on front, and naked blonde with the flag draped around her on the back of the t-shirt. man was around 55 or 60
-D.C. has streets going one direction by numbers (First Street, Second, etc..) and by letters the other direction, many of those signs are actually known as units (e.g. A Unit), well we spotted the street G Unit right near Union Station
-we met a guy on the Metro around my age with a t-shirt that said "Caucasia knows how to party" and he told us that he was visiting his brother who "manages skyscrapers," proceeded to say "I think he's really a receptionist because I went to visit him and he was sitting in the front office."
-Metro again, behind these teenagers on the escalator who start going into this monologue about how "escalators never can break, they just become stairs" and they looked back at me, and I told them that was funny so one of them informed me it was Mitch Hedberg (i think that was the name).

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