Thursday, June 24, 2004

Financial and Bird Crap Woes


Exhausted, frustrated with Metra because they levy a $2 surcharge if you purchase your ticket to your final destination on the train if there is an open ticket counter at the station. Also, a bird crapped on my shoulder tonight. My legs are tired, it's totally weird having dinner at 11 PM every night, and God love my dirty, dirty feet (imprints from my black flip flops).

I have met so many people who are unemployed in my job as a canvasser for the Democratic National Committee, and I just wonder if Republicans feel a sense of urgency about the job situation in our country. The fact that so many of them still subscribe to the supply-side economics philosophy suggests that they do not, which is very sad for the direction of our country, since of course the Republicans are in power right now. At least Logan Square, where I canvassed this evening, was overwhelmingly Democratic. Wish people had more money though; for their sake and for ours!!

Speaking of which, I wish I had more money. I need a paycheck and soon. Ugh.

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