Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I have just found The Best Blog Ever

Vanity Fair Critic James Wolcott has a new blog, featuring perceptive comments that are not said often enough, particularly about the anti-Democratic reporting in the media (yes, the American media is no more liberal than Paris Hilton is classy), but also about abounding evidence that Wolf Blitzer is not real and updates on Star Jones' not so humble announcements about her upcoming wedding, which are hilarious! So read this blog at once!

A particular favorite clip from one of Wolcott's entries:

The last thing the country needs is a president who thinks he's too good for the job and doesn't want to get his cuffs dirty.
I don't think Kerry is that man. I don't see any Stevensonian trace of Fonda in him. You don't earn the medals he did in Vietnam by playing Hamlet in the clutch. The people around him--that's a different story. Unlike Bush, Kerry can't delegate his aggression to Cheney, Fox News, and a yapping band of attack poodles; the Democratic party doesn't have that same threshing infrastructure. He has to go it almost alone and run the risk of being too forceful and coming across as "unlikeable" in the eyes of gardening clubs like The Capital Gang. Pundits prefer their Democrats soft and emasculated, it makes them so much
easier to filet.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you missed the Dan Rather forgery story...his producer contacted the Kerry campaign when she got the fake Bush national guard memos from the Democratic operative in Texas...then again, you probably think they're real...never mind.

Elaine said...

Oy, great comment--at least post your name.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rec ~ very entertaining.


Chris said...

Despite the difference in political opinions, it's one hilarious blog. Thanks, Elaine!

Elaine said...

Hehe thanks, I'm glad you like it. I figured the Star Jones posts are very politically inclusive in their hilairty!