Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Russian-Germans are Sexy

Remember when Grace Kelly became Princess Grace of Monacco (okay, I honestly don't) or when, say, you met someone at school who was of some really exciting, exotic ethnic background, say half Senalgalese and half Chilean (i don't know!)?

I've always wanted to be one of those people who gets oohed and ahhed at over their ethnicity, and I've always found it sort of interesting the way some ethnicities are romanticized and others, well...aren't.

For instance, there is a student in my program here at the Sciences Po ecole in Paris who is French-Brazillian. When people found that out, they were impressed. Part of the reason I was lured to this crazy city was my romanticization of the French people--beautiful language, style--a romantic ethnicity.

Unfortunately, I can't show-off with my own descent. Wouldn't it be great if my Russian-German ethnicity was the kind that was exciting and mysterious to people? In fact, wouldn't that be funny? Yes, I think that would be very funny if my exotic Russian-German background was one day a hot commodity in the ethnicity department. For now, I will just have to hope I can marry the Prince of Monaaco.


Anonymous said...

Interesting example of Princess Grace. I sometimes wonder whether she'd make the same choice of husband if given a second chance. Also vaguely recall that around the time of her death she was about to resume acting, after so many years away, some say, according to her husband's wish. She would still have been great ~ what a loss! ~H

Elaine said...

Yes it is interesting when Princess Grace could no longer act. I wonder if she would have done less conventional roles is he had not been under that obligation.