Monday, March 28, 2005

The Brilliant but Humble Students at Northwestern

I wish we could undo our knowledge that certain types of people exist. Unfortunately, once we learn a small amount about these unfortunate people, we first want to learn even more, the same way we are inclined to reflexively double take when some kind of disgusting sight is in view. It's morbid curiosity. With this in mind, I give you the description posted on the Facebook club of one of Northwestern's fraternities, Delta Tau Delta:

Those guys that you wish you were. All the women want us and all the men want to be us. An elite organization of the most attractive and wealthy men on campus. If you are wondering where all the beautiful girls on campus went, look no further than 2317 sheridan road any night of the week.

Even if there is a level of self-mocking in this description--which is doubtful as this piece comes across as the exact opposite of funny, it represents cockiness and vapidity to an extreme. Thanks Delta Tau Delta for reassuring us that people who have been afforded privilege and wealth can still deem themselves superior through no effort of their own. And your complex understanding of women is moving. It is such people who make me wish I wasn't so inclined to browse the Facebook implicitly looking for things that make me angry. (Does anyone else do this?)

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Gonzalo Del Rio Villasenor said...

Cool. What's considered wealthy? How about a $100 dollars? You democrat, always looking for something to argue about (in reference to "looking for things that make me angry."