Monday, March 28, 2005

Whose Democracy?

An article on how "exporting democracy," the newfound foreign policy goal of George W. Bush, has backfired.

President Bush takes credit for democracy in the Middle East. Maybe he's been the biggest obstacle in the way. Start with Iran. But for our long buildup to the Iraq war, it's Iran that might have been the world's next great democracy...

...Ukraine, by the way, happened without us, though Bush may soon be taking credit for it too. He shouldn't. The "Orange Revolution" owes much more to the soft power of the European Union than the hard power of the U.S. The EU sent in the mediators. While America has the Army, it is really the EU that has been getting the results. At any rate, there'd be no democracy in Ukraine if we had been bombing Belarus.

On the Road to Democracy Without Bush

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