Sunday, April 16, 2006

I've had it with these snakes!

Some of you may have heard of the movie Snakes on a Plane starring Samuel L. Jackson, set to be released in August of this year. I would detail the plot, but is it really that important? All I care about is the fact that there are snakes on a plane and Samuel L. Jackson is going to show them who's boss. For a long time, Snakes on a Plane was the reject of New Line Cinema, constantly two snips away from the cutting room floor.

It was shot with little fanfare, and I think I can safely say that five years ago or so, Snakes on a Plane would have lived out this dreadful fate. In 2006, however, with the wonders of the world wide web and all of its communication powers, Snakes on a Plane has become an internet legend, eagerly anticipated by all who understand the sheer beauty of what it represents as a film that carries out perfectly the equation for formulaic Hollywood movie: cramped space+terrorist threat+swearing mofo actor+funny fat guy who is really scared (played by Keenan Thompson)=summer movie, but with the ridiculous twist of the insidious enemy being snakes. Yes, snakes!

I've had it with these snakes!

Samuel L. Jackson's attitude towards the movie has been just delightful and can be summed up with these choice quotes:
That's the only reason I took the job: I read the title.

-on the unthinkable near-change of the film's official title
So people who have a fear of flying and people who have a fear of snakes are going to have a double whammy.

It's kind of going to be great.

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Rumour said...

Yeah, Snakes on a Plane, is the new internet I think Im cool piece of garbage. I refuse to recognize or contribute to this I think im IN, then when the movie comes out I'm gonna say I've known for 8mos. These are things that keep me off of forums. That and Family Guy references to "Its peanut butter jelly".

Elaine said...

it's not about cool, it's not about IN, it's not about anything but the pure bliss of Snakes on a Plane.