Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Hate the Container Store

Today as I was walking along, doing some shopping in Yuppieville, i.e. Clarendon Blvd., I popped into the Container Store, because I need some more hangers and perhaps a desk organizer. However, I realized when I got in and started looking around that the Container Store is legitimated robbery. Buying a closet organizer at the Container Store is the equivalent of having a burglar break in and steal your TV.

As an example of how ridiculous this place is, they sell one hanger for 29 cents and do not reduce the rate if you are to buy, say, 10 hangers. If youy take a look at their website, they sell a 3 pack of hangers for 2.99. That's 1 dollar per hanger! What is so special about this particular hanger that it is worth one dollar, Container Store?

Incredible ripoff in ugly colors!

"The shape and execution make our Olka Hangers particularly suitable for drying T-shirts. Each features a garment-friendly shape to the shoulders and is free from barbs and flashing that can snag garment fibers. There's a pants bar that's sturdy enough to bear the weight of a pair of jeans. Each end features a hook for skirts, spaghetti straps, or accessories." A pants bar? A hook for skirts, spaghetti straps, or accessories? Isn't that Every. Hanger. Ever. Made. Since 1995?? Very novel, Container Store.

Plus, for every item there that is useful but overpriced, there are more that are frivoulous and overpriced. Take this Large Floral Crunch:What is a Crunch? I think Container store just made up a name for this useless product to make it seem legitimate.

I honestly don't know how anyone doesn't feel a big pain in their stomach in shopping at the Container Store. I guess there must be a thrill in paying a lot for plastic.


Anonymous said...

Though I won't disagree with you about the Container Store.... Don't knock the Olka Hanger. It is different. The picture you have posted is of 3 ordinary hangers. Olka Hangers have rounded shoulders so they don't stretch out T-shirts and sweaters. They are also WAY stronger than any other hangers I have used. My boyfriend has a habit of hanging heavy coats on the closest hanger to his hand... He has broken almost every plastic hanger we have... All except the Olkas. They are also very light, very smooth (so they don't snag), and have good hooks on the ends. I paid what seemed like a fortune for 20 around 5 years ago and still have them all.

Elaine said...

You're right, I failed to properly distinguish the Olka hanger from those pictured in the photo. Just for the record, the hangers in the photo are not Olkas but rather the $.29 hangers. Wow, I can't believe I'm setting the record straight on a post about the Container Store.

In any case, thank you very much for your feedback on the Olka hanger. I guess I am so used to overpriced or just adequately-priced items being low quality, so it is nice to find that these hangers are of a good quality. I know what you mean about coats needing a strong hanger. I tend to like wooden hangers for coats. The ones from Ikea have worked out well for me, thus far.