Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Hater and its Number One Target, Zach Braff

I have found my long lost twin, and she writes the A.V. Club's Hater blog. Granted, she's a little more in the know about pop culture than I, but her hilarious send-ups of celebrities--namely, the walking pet peeve, Zach Braff--are, as James Lipton would say (or maybe Will Ferrell's James Lipton would say) a delight! I have to thank John for showing me the light. It's common for people to be snarky about celebrities, but "fighting the good fight"--as one of the commenter's put it--against the eminently popular Braff is a cut above the average celebrity snark blog. Zach Braff's emo-quirky schtick is our generation's one-trick pony, less discernible than campy gimmicks of the past like Gary Coleman's "What you' talkin' 'bout Willis?" or Dwayne from "What's Happenin'"'s "Hey, hey, hey!" but still without originality or skill. Don't fall for the quirkiness! Don't doo it! And, check out this great clip, the quintessential Braff movie.

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