Sunday, October 22, 2006

Words from the wise Zach Braff

The great thing about the Internets is that anyone can have a blog, and some celebrities, not content with merely being plastered all over supermarket periodicals and being sucked up to on Leno, have joined the exhibitionist fun. One of the most egregious examples of a celeb convinced that the masses want nothing more than to pick his brain is Zach Braff. Here are some examples of his pensive insights:
Hi. I know it has been awhile, but I have been uber busy. I lost my voice this week. I quite literally couldn’t speak; which is incredibly frustrating if you’ve ever had it happen to you. I was feeling very sorry for myself and then I saw “True Life: I’ve Got Tourettes” on MTV and I felt horrible for ever feeling shitty in my life- ever! I know it’s all relative, but man, I felt so bad for this girl. It truly made me stop and thank who’s ever in charge for not giving me Tourettes Syndrome. I like that show; it’s really well done.

So in sum--and this is really interesting--Zach Braff was feeling bad for himself because he lost his voice. However, he put it all in perspective when he saw an awful MTV show.
He seems so down to earth, and he really cares about people. Plus, he watches the same crappy shows I watch, but he's DEEP. He signs off from his blog "peace and also love, zb." Awesome. Signing things "peace" is the sign of cool.

Zach Braff also proves that he is okay with criticism and that he likes to push the limits, to be edgy. He's not going to sugarcoat things, as he says in defense of his most recent movie, The Last Kiss:
To those who didn't like it, your comments are welcome too. It is not a movie for everyone, and it is most certainly not a "crowd pleaser". It is however the kind of movie that interests me.

Maybe people just didn't like The Last Kiss because it is trite and melodramatic, as the previews seem to indicate. Or, as Braff suggets, maybe they can't handle the truth. Braff isn't going to abandon the uncomfortable, fortunately:
And the next film I'm thinking about directing, "Open Hearts" is so dark it'll make "The Last Kiss" feel like "Naked Gun". I always want to be trying new things; that's the fun of being creative. I'm sure you all can relate.

Here, in another entry, Braff urges fans to see The Last Kiss right away in a tone more appropriate to urging people to vote or volunteer for a cause:

Dear Friends,

Alas the day has come! At midnight tonight (thursday), "The Last Kiss" officially opens. If you can, please go check it out this first weekend; it makes a huge difference as to how long the film will get to stay in theaters.

And look, Zach Braff uses cool slang:

Hey all, Just arrived in Boston after a day in Chicago pimping out the Last Kiss.

Zach Braff is a pimp!

Although every blog entry by Braff appears to be an advertisement of his insignificance and utter unoriginality, he gets hundreds of comments per entry. Sad indeed.


John said...


Elaine I was feeling really sorry for myself because i had a tooth ache but then I watched this show on disadvantaged "small people" and I was like "man I'm glad I'm not three feet tall and poor." But then I got so down about these poor small people - I mean no one cares. Like ordinary people just don't understand what they go through. Only really deep and thoughtful artistes like myself understand the plight of the midget. Sometimes I think I'm just too caring and deep for this world.

peace JC

Elaine said...

Haha Zach Braff is awesome. And so sweet. Peace out, John.