Sunday, November 05, 2006

Absurdity in Virginia

As I've said in the past, I don't know whether to laugh or cry when it comes to George Allen. To see him stoop so low against opponent Jim Webb is both encouraging--it clearly means that he is worried about his once safe seat--and astonishing--is it possible, I keep on asking myself, for a person to possess no moral compass? This election is the year of polticians saying anything to get elected, and Allen is quite possibly the worst offender, right up there with Bob Corker. Thankfully, there are Republicans who are intellecutally honest enough to admit it:

I'm a Christian, a writer, a military parent and a registered Republican. On all those counts, I was disgusted by an e-mail I just received that's being circulated by campaign supporters of Republican George Allen, who's trying to retain his Senate seat in Virginia.

...Mr. Webb's son is a Marine in Iraq. That's an uncommon fact in this era in which most political leaders' children act as if it is only right and proper that it's someone else's war to fight.

Mr. Webb also happens to be running against a desperate opponent supported by people who circulated the stupid e-mail, something that reminds me of a 2000 smear campaign aimed at another war hero, John McCain.

The Webb e-mail is the embodiment of the cynical Republican strategists, some of whom must know the difference between fiction and nonfiction. Was Agatha Christie a murderer because she wrote about murder?

In other news, I went out and did some literature dropping for Jim Webb today out in Centreville, Virginia.

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Peter Matthes said...

I am with you Elaine.

I am sick of just looking at him. George Allen is a slime ball of the first degree.

I went to the funeral of my Uncle KIA in Anbar earlier this month. Allen blindly supports the Iraq War, but strangely enough none of his family members are over there.

Allen also supports so many "pork" government projects for his financial benifit, that his campaign poster should just be a big picture of a BLT.

He belongs in jail with Ney, Cunningham and Delay ... and not in Washington.

I miss the Reagan Republicans who believed in small government ... real values ... and not playing world police.

Go Jim Webb!