Sunday, November 19, 2006

Democrats ready to focus on Americans' economic concerns

This couldn't be better news. If anyone doubted that we'd see much of a difference from Washington, D.C., with a Democratic majority, you need not worry:

Striving for a few quick legislative victories in January and longer-term goals whose details -- and viability -- are not yet certain, Democratic lawmakers want to shift the dialogue on Capitol Hill to workers' pay, college tuition, health-care costs, retirees' income and other issues that touch ordinary families.

...Still, key Democrats interviewed in recent days portrayed their strategy as an attempt to do several things at once: distinguish themselves from the outgoing Republican majority, heed voters' messages from the midterm elections and lay groundwork for the 2008 presidential campaign, in which they predict the widening income gap in the United States will be a prominent theme.

As it should be. Can we lay to rest the notion that this is a conservative Democratic congress already?

But if this happens...

Their success is not assured. Democrats will hold a tenuous 51 to 49 majority in the Senate, where Republicans and the Bush administration will be well-positioned to thwart their legislation,

more of them should just be voted out.


aewright2 said...

Let's not get too happy, too soon. I am a Democrat, but I'm not gonna just roll over because they have the majority. They are still politicians. I still need more.

Elaine said...

I know what you are saying, aewright, but I am just happy to hear economic issues discussed again. I guess the Republican majority forced me to set the bar pretty low.