Sunday, December 03, 2006

Conversations I've had with people about Golden Oreo Cookies

More conversations than you might think can be had about Nabisco's new type of Oreo Cookie, the Golden Oreo. I have instigated many. The tasty vanilla "creme filling" is better sandwiched between two rich, vanilla crackers than the standard chocolate, in my opinion. To some, this is Oreo blasphemy, but I have never much liked original Oreos (Oreoes?). The possibilities for discussion on these points are endless. Thus, I bring you, Conversations I have Had with People About Golden Oreo Cookies:

Setting: Cafeteria at work
Me: Man, I love these cookies.
Co-worker: Yeah, you say that everyday.
Me: This is my favorite moment of the day.

Setting: the Rosslyn Safeway
Store clerk: (looking down at the apples and Golden Oreo Cookies I just put on the conveyor belt) A healthy snack.
Me: Yeah, I love those things.
Store clerk: No, I didn't like them. They just weren't right. They're too original.
Me: Oh, really? Yeah, I just love the vanilla.
Store clerk: I had to give them to my mom. I had bought the Mint Oreos, Halloween Oreos, Regular Oreos, and those ones, and my cousins stayed over and ate them all except the Golden Oreos.
Me: Oh really? You should make them buy you more.
Store clerk: Well, they went back to New York. So all I had left was the Golden Oreos, so I gave them to my mom. She loved them.

See? The source of endless conversation.


Steve said...

What are these "Golden Oreos" that you speak of and why haven't I heard of them?

Chris said...

I like golden oreos with the chocolate creme myself.

Elaine said...

It might be confined to the East Coast? Because I had never seen them until I got to D.C.

TetrisHydraCanOfBeanOil said...

No they're here on the west coast, ive had em before