Friday, December 15, 2006

Small Acts of Immense Laziness

On days when I walk past my apartment's trash chute to throw my garbage away, there are, almost unfailingly, large items underneat the chute cannot fit into it but are meant to be thrown away. Most annoying is when someone places a large box underneath the chute to be thrown away when s/he could easily collapse the box and fit it into the chute (or better yet, recycle it). A vaccuum cleaner and a roll suitcase missing a wheel are just some of the other items that my neighbors have put under the chute. The neighbor(s) responsible for this are not only creating a small mess in the corridor but communicating their immense laziness. This neighbor apparently deems him/herself too good to properly dispose of his/her trash and rather leaves it to the people who clean our apartment complex. Behavior like this is just plain lazy; there is no other word for it. No one is above taking out his/her own trash.


steve said...

When it comes to big stuff like said neighbor seems to have issues with, whatever happened to fixing it rather than throwing it out? Don't get me wrong - some things are just too expensive to repair, but really. Is it that difficult to find a replacement wheel for the suitcase?

Elaine said...

That's a good point too. When I was moving out of my dorm freshman year, one girl threw away almost her entire bedroom--chairs, a lamp, etc, clearly because she wanted to get rid of it right away. Couldn't she have called the local Salvation Army and had them come get it. People can be so wasteful. Sigh.