Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The line blurs even more

Hillary Clinton's takeoff on the "Sopranos" finale, with special guest Bill and special reference to Chelsea is just about the blurriest that the line has been drawn between celebrity and politics--at least since Ronald Reagan got elected into public office. Just watching it, I felt like the Clintons were a television family that I had grown up with more than public officials. The jab at Bill's eating habits just puts it over the top.

Is it bad that,
(1) This stunt makes me like Hillary a little better?
(2) I've started to enjoy the Journey song after this and the Sopranos finale?

Yes, I think it is.


Chris said...

People say Washington, DC is just Hollywood for ugly people. However, Hillary Clinton makes even Carmen Electra look like she deserves an Oscar; Bill's always been a great actor. I'm not so sure they should have gone with a takeoff on a mobster family either--that's easy fodder for the right, and, well, nowadays, the left, too.

Michael Blaine said...

If I can help it, I will never watch such a video.

American soldiers needlessly die almost everyday under Hillary's watch, and she decides to play Hollywood? Is this nation completely insane?!!

As an American citizen, I'm embarrassed. When poor nations' politicians pull such a stunt, we call them Banana Republics.

Michael Blaine