Saturday, May 01, 2004

The Green Mill

Last night I went to one of Chicago's most well-known establishments, The Green Mill, a jazz lounge on the Northside. It was frequented by Al Capone back in its heyday when the Uptown neighborhood that it resides in was the place to be, especially if you were a criminal (haha). I recommend it to anyone who comes into town. There is usually a $8-15 cover, but the live jazz is great and well worth it.

The place is classic Chicago. When my friends and I got there, there was a Cubs game playing on the TV in one corner, and jazz playing on the stage. The sign outside has been there for ages; it's lighted with yellow and green lightbulbs and is hardly a glamourous sign like those that adorn the yuppy bars of Chicago. The bar is made out of old, dark wood, with an old unused cash register that sits behind it, and a crusty, bald-headed bartender. The seating space consists of vinyl booths, standard tables and chairs, and the barstools by the bar. The bouncer lays down the law if anything is moved around.

At one point the bartender said to another guy who works there (mostly bald, beard and mustache, dressed in polyester pants, glasses="very Office Space" as one of my friends pointed out) "I was talkin to Benny last night and we decided we should write a Country Western song about me." It was hilarious.

Anyway it was a lot of fun, and I recommend it for a night on the town. Get there early though! The booths near the jazz acts fill up fast!!

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