Sunday, July 25, 2004

A Curb Your Enthusiasm Moment

The best birthday gift that I have received in some time has been the Season One DVDs of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" which my brother gave me (and my family and friends--it really is a gift to all who share in its brilliance).  For the first month of the summer, with no homework or other obligations to tie up my time, I spent just about every minute that I was at home (besides sleeping) watching CYE.  This is how great a show it is.  Anyhow, as a result of this devoted viewing, I have internalized the attention to detail that frames Larry David's approach to social situations, to the point where I tend to instinctively apply the Larry David procedure of dissecting an awkward social encounter.

Some of Larry David's most socially uncomfortable situations occur between himself and the fictional parents of his manager, Jeff Greene.  Here is Larry with Jeff's mother, played by Mina Colb.  In this episode, he accidentally fondled her breast.

One particularly Curb Your Enthusiasm-worthy moment occurred last night at a party.  As my friend and I were rounding up people to leave this affair, a guy entered the kitchen with a box of pizza.  Not having eaten much earlier in the night, I got excited about the pizza, as this exchange will show,
Me: Is that pizza?
Friendly guy: Yes, but it's all gone.
Me: Oh that's too bad, because I was going to tell you that I would have paid for a slice of that pizza.
Friendly guy: Well, here's a secret: there's another box of pizza on top of the refrigerator.

Understandably, I went to the refrigerator and got a slice of pizza.  It was so good that I went back to get another for the walk.  As we were about to leave though, I got stopped,
Angry Girl: Where did you get that pizza?
Me: Um...on top of the refrigerator.
Angry Girl: Who told you that you could have that?
Me: I mean some guy just said there was pizza on the refrigerator.  I can pay you for it.
Angry Girl: Whatever. Forget about it. (Angrily exits what was a most enjoyable conversation).

The item of contention: the flair up occurred over a mere two slices of Papa John's pizza. 

  Of course, after that I felt pretty bad, but I have to say, the beauty of being indoctrinated with CYE is that it lends a new angle of observation to these generally unpleasant situations.

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