Thursday, August 12, 2004

Alan Keyes a hazard to the national Republican party?

Interesting theory from Sidney Blumenthal, former assistant and senior advisor in the Clinton Administration, that Alan Keyes might not only have an adverse effect on the appeal of the state Republican party but on the appeal of the Republican party in neighboring states as well.

"A screeching religious right fanatic, Keyes, who has worn a lapel pin featuring the feet of a fetus, is Jerry Falwell as played by Little Richard. Obama is beating him 67 to 28 percent, and that undoubtedly represents Keyes' peak. Keyes opened his campaign by saying Obama's stance in favor of legal choice for women on abortion is 'the slaveholder's position.' Their debates, to be broadcast throughout the Middle West, may turn votes against the Republicans in every state bordering Illinois."


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