Saturday, August 14, 2004

Now I know lately Alan Keyes has been fodder for almost all of my blog posts, and I can only say that I do it because I can't resist: the man just gets more entertaining by the day. Today I was talking with someone who humorously though aptly said, "Not only is Alan Keyes from another state, he's from another planet." I think we need look no further than his expressed support for banning popular elections of U.S. Senators to see how true this is. This guy is a nut.


Anonymous said...

ELaine . . . I love it when a woman is not afraid to speak her mind . . . even when it is uninformed.

I haven't read all your blog yet, and perhaps I shall. I'm not sure why you dislike Alan Keyes' ideas. Have you really listened to what he says?

RE: Doing away with popular elections for US Senators . . . the Constitution established the Senate as representatives of the "several" states. IOW, two Senators represent the STATE, not necessarily the individuals within those states. Representatives in the US House were elected to do that. Senators were originally chosen by the legislatures of individual states, and not elected directly by voters at all.

As a means of "checks and balances" (which you may not have heard of yet), the Sentate was composed in a different way.

We do not live in a "democracy", much to the consternation of many left-wingers. We have inherited a REPUBLIC, paid for by the precious blood of many wise ones who came before us and who cared about what kind of a world they would leave behind for us to enjoy. In a "republic", our government is "representative" government -- the best amalgamation our forefathers and foremothers could devise to protect individual rights and to keep government from overrunning all of us.

Please continue to speak your mind, but educate it just a little more before attempting to cut off at the knees any of our current "thinkers" of the right or the left.

8^ )

Very Truly Yours

Elaine said...

You posted as anonymous, but are you sure you're not Alan Keyes?? Anyway, I think you would be hard-pressed to get many people signed on to your retro-active agenda. I'm well aware that a state's legislature used to elect a the two U.S. Senators; does it mean I think we should bring this voting method back? Of course not. I also didn't realize that thinking of America as a democracy is "left-wing." If it is, I guess our country is 99% liberal!

Chris said...

As to the previous comment from Anon., I agree, but the superciliousness of the tone is ridiculous.