Sunday, August 08, 2004

Beatles: Pop group, pop psychology

My pop psychology item of the day:

Everyone has a favorite Beatles song, and such a favorite is indicative of one's deepest values. I love making up this crap! See below,

  • If you like "Golden Slumbers", you no longer believe there is "a way to get back home," that is, to get in touch with the way things used to be, and you figure that you might as well let the "golden slumbers fill your eyes" so you can forget there is no longer a way back to the beginning. You are very mature in the unsentimentality of this realization, but you also care to be blissfully ignorant. (You are the anti-thesis of the person whose favorite song is "In My Life").
  • If your favorite song is "Eleanor Rigby" you see "all the lonely people" shrouded by the title of a minister or a married wife. You are very perceptive and also somewhat despairing and probably one of the most sophisticated and mature of all Beatles' fans.
  • If your favorite song is "A Day in the Life," you appreciate the irony of life (evidenced by your love of the lyric "although the news was rather sad, i just had to laugh") and you are morbidly fascinated with the horrors of which you are always an observer, and of which, when they happen, you "just had to look." You are very desensitized, yes, but also frickin' brilliant. Unfortunately, your life is still very ordinary.
  • If you favorite song is "In My Life," you are a painfully remniscent person, first of all for the places and people who have "changed, some forever, not for better," and since you are slightly disillusioned with these developments you cling to the one love of your life who you feel will always stay the same. Perhaps you should branch out. (Your polar opposite is the person who favors "Golden Slumbers").
  • If you like "Martha My Dear," you are obsessed with a woman named Martha or with Paul McCartney's dog, or you are just incredibly confused whether you want a woman or a dog, as you like the name of the dog but the substance of the woman. My advice to you, my friend: "When you find yourself in the thick of it, help yourself to a bit of what is all around you!"

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