Saturday, September 03, 2005

CNN's Anderson Cooper in an interview (Windows Media Player) with Trent Lott:
COOPER: Let me ask you, I asked someone here that I told him I was going to be talking with you tonight, and they said to me they wanted to ask, was part of the problem that a lot of these National Gaurd troops are in Iraq or overseas, I mean, are the forces so depleted, is that an issue?
LOTT: Anderson, only the news media is asking that question.
COOPER: Sir, I can guarantee you that is not true. Sir, a man right here who lives on this corner was asking me this question.
COOPER: In retrospect, was it a mistake for the federal government in the last couple of years to cut the budget of the Army Corps of Engineers in Southeastern Louisiana for hurricane protection? Was it a mistake to cut some of the federal funding for flood control in that region?
LOTT: I do think that's been a mistake.
LOTT: Anderson, this is a difficult thing, and it's hard to put a positive spin on it.
Well, that's for sure, and maybe that's a good thing. Oddly, Lott thanks Anderson Cooper for his work and the media's work after telling him the media are the only people asking the questions.

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