Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Confirming Roberts right now sets a bad precedent

The American people know very little about John Roberts, nominee for Supreme Court Chief Justice, whose confirmation vote is set for this Thursday. The gospel right now is that Roberts is certain to be confirmed, and I believe he will unless people in this country call or write their U.S. Senators, especially their Democratic Senators, and encourage a filibuster. As the People's E-mail Network (PEN) says:
[The Bush Administration has] totally frustrated any meaningful opportunity to cross-examine this nominee by stonewalling access to any of his memos from the last 20 years, materials that previous administrations have always disclosed as to other Supreme Court nominees.
It is a bad precedent to let a nominee get through a confirmation hearing on these pretenses. Please use my link in the right-hand corner to contact your Senators. It takes a mere few minutes and will be worth it if they hear from enough of us.

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Chris said...

Go back and compare some of Roberts' answers to Scalia's answers during his confirmation hearing. As Sen. Feinstein remarked, there are some striking similarities.


We all know more about him than we realize. However, since I have no problem with this, I feel I should remind you who he is replacing: Rehnquist. I know you didn't really like Rehnquist to begin with, but there'll be no shift because of Roberts.