Thursday, September 15, 2005

Confirm Roberts?

My answer right now would be no. The reason of course is that Roberts has not been forthcoming during his confirmation hearings, and his excuse that he doesn't want to comment on issues that may come before the court just don't cut it. Senator Russell Feingold put it best:
We know where all eight other members of the court stand on these opinions -- in their opinions. They either wrote or joined one of them. Yet all eight of them will hear the next case that raises similar issues. No one is suggesting that their independence or impartiality in the next case has been compromised. . . . So I guess I want to know, why are you different? . . .[W]hy shouldn't the public have some idea of where you stand today on these crucial questions . . .? They know a great deal about how each of the other justices approach these issues. Why is your situation different?
It is pretty clear that this "kabuki dance" as Joe Biden put it is meant to prevent any controversy from arising over Roberts actual views. The public however deserves to know what kind of demeanor a man will have as justice on the highest court in the country (or on any court, for that matter). We entrust these people with adjudicating our lives; we should know that we are entrusting the right people with this privilege.

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