Tuesday, September 13, 2005

How to live alone and how not to (yes, this includes a rant)

I haven't written much lately because I've been busy moving into an apartment, my first experience of truly independent living, I suppose. I enjoy it a lot so far: having a single room, having more space, choosing my own food, but I also recognize that independent living requires, yes, independence.

In this regard, I'm amazed that so many college students manage to live alone today. Our predecessors in this apartment left behind a whole bunch of crap and a dirty refrigerator, unvaccuumed floors, etc. I was annoyed at this carelessness and inconsiderateness but not wholly surprised. So many members of my generation seem to have had their parents do everything from clean their rooms to write their college applications. (That's not an exaggeration). Some people seem to have no concept of an obligation to pick up after themselves, or at least not nowadays. My parents said that people used to take it as a point of pride to leave an apartment spotless.

Speaking of which, I am thankful that my parents made me do all sorts of chores that I admittedly hated growing up: rake leaves, cleaning my bathroom, vaccuuming, cleaning my room, cleaning other rooms, etc. I'll tell you, cleaning a toilet is one of the most humbling activities in the world, and everyone from the man on the street to the pope should have to do it. Put simply: no one is above cleaning their own toilet.

Because I love being global and grandiose about problems, I will chalk slobbishness up to a combination of inconsiderateness and sense of privilige. What do you think?

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