Monday, November 28, 2005

Meet My Friends

I'm going to attempt a new segment. It's called Meet my Friends. Every week, I will try to interview a new friend or just a friendly person to give you, the reader, a little insight into what people answer to my random questions.

This week, I present to you my lovely roommate, Sarah Miller, who is a Secondary Education major at Northwestern University. Here's what she had to say to our interviewer (me) after dinner tonight:

Q. What's your favorite movie?

Sense and sensibility, Clue, Lord of the Rings series

Q. What's your favorite food?
pasta and white rice

Q. What is your favorite spice?

Q. What is the coolest thing you ever cooked yourself?

probably my carmelita cookies

Q. Least favorite food?
rye bread and sauerkraut

Q. What do you clean immediately?
my room, my desk area, and my floor to some degree

Q. What do you wait to clean?
My bathtub. I'm really bad about cleaning my tub.

Q. Do you like this interview so far?

It's fine.

Q. Care to elaborate?

Q. What appliance would you buy if you could afford it?
Either a toaster oven, an espresso maker because I like the way it makes the frothy milk, or a nice coffee pot with a grinder and it times the whole thing

Q. Does it grind the whole beans?

Yeah, it grinds the beans.

Q. Which male celebrity is most attractive to you?
I don't really pay attention to them. Orlando Bloom was pretty cute when he was in Lord of the Rings, but I don't think his hair now is cute.

Q. Do you remember a moment when you laughed so hard you cried?
I do remember when I was on the France ship and my friend Liz was like, 'what's up with the French and carousels?' And just the other night, one of Steve's friends bit into a cracker, then offered the bitten into cracker to another friend, and said, 'here, want to have a taste?' Then another friend saw the whole thing, goes over to another guy who didn't see this, says, 'hey I just regurgitated this cracker, do you want a taste?' Also the time when you and I were making jokes about our Greek lit class while studying for finals and talking about how our teacher said at one point, 'Jason was pretty lazy. Theseus killed the Minotaur; what have you done lately?'

Q. What song, no matter how much you play it, will you never get sick of?
Probably '1979' by Smashing Pumpkins and '33' by Smashing Pumpkins and 'I Want You' by Third Eye Blind

Q. And finally, who do you think the Democrats should run in 2008?
Our family was actually talking about this. We say, maybe Hillary, if and only if she can create a separate vision from Bill Clinton and be her own person. If she doesn't, she's doomed. Maybe Gore, but I can't think of another candidate that would be successful.

Q. Obama? Yes or no?
I think he's too young.

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