Sunday, November 27, 2005

Way to co-opt, guys

It's a rare day when Republicans admit that Democrats are right about something, and in fact, they usually try to get around it when it must be done. This would explain the Bush Administration's spin of the Democratic party's released blueprint for phasing troops out of Iraq over the course of next year:

In the White House statement, which was released under the headline "Senator Biden Adopts Key Portions Of Administration's Plan For Victory In Iraq," McClellan said the administration of President George W. Bush welcomed Biden's voice in the debate. "Today, Senator Biden described a plan remarkably similar to the administration's plan to fight and win the war on terror," the spokesman went on to say.

And this is both funny and sad:

McClellan said the White House now saw "a strong consensus" building in Washington in favor of Bush's strategy in Iraq.

So by leaving a violence-ridden, WMD-lacking Iraq, we are favoring Bush's strategy. Hey, if this is really what Bush wanted, there would have been a "consensus" for a lot longer than the last three days. Maybe the Bush White House is trying to co-op the plan because of this:

The White House statement also embraced a Senate amendment to a defense authorization bill overwhelmingly passed by the Senate on November 15 that asked the administration to make next year "a period of significant transition to full Iraqi sovereignty" thereby creating conditions "for the phased redeployment of United States forces from Iraq."

The measure was largely seen as a reprimand to the Bush administration, which has often been accused of lacking a viable strategy in Iraq.

Or maybe Bush is just being a flip-flopper. We all know how much he loves that word.

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