Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pioneer Press Article on New Trier Dems Dinner

I was a little disappointed that the fundraiser dinner I was at on Sunday didn't get more of a write-up from our local paper, considering the high-profile guest, but here it is:

The New Trier Democratic Organization raised about $30,000 during its annual dinner in Northbrook on Sunday.

Former U.S. Sen. John Edwards, speculated to be a contender for the 2008 Democratic nomination for president, was the featured guest of the night.

The evening's mood ranged from light-hearted, with bidding on several Democratic momentos -- a bow-tie worn by the late U.S. Sen. Paul Simon and an apple pie baked by state Rep. Karen May, D-58th, to name two -- to serious, with Edwards speaking about national poverty and homelessness before a crowd of 300.

The dinner, held at the Renaissance Hotel in Northbrook, is the New Trier Democratic Organization's only large fundraiser, Finance Director Joan Berman said.

Edwards, a North Carolina Democrat, did not disclose his future political campaign aspirations, said Anne Wedner, a member of the New Trier Democratic Organization.

Also, they missed out on the chance to include a photograph of me shaking Edwards' hand that someone from the Pioneer Press took while there. Too bad, because I would have liked a photo of that for myself.


william t nelson said...

speaking of senators, al franken went on Imus this morning. he's moving back to MN and will probably run in 2008. Imus has endorsed him already. and Paul Begala's on tomorrow morning, the guy I think college dems should pay to come speak.

Elaine said...

If I were a Minnesota resident, I would definitely vote for Franken, but my qualm with a Franken candidacy is that I think what he's done with Air America Radio is so important that I would hate to see the station's headliner leave. His career trajectory--from SNL humorist to political commentator to candidate--is so interesting to me.