Sunday, December 11, 2005

Pashmina Update

I received my pashmina from the Cashmere Pashmina Group in no time, and I was admittedly worried when I first opened the package. The material seemed thin--as thin as the 100% viscose pashmina I had bought myself at a Paris flea market last year for 5 Euros. Had I been scammed, I panicked.

Sigh of relief though when I took out the stole and found it to be a much more substantial material than my thin cranberry-colored flea market scarf (which I nonetheless wear often). It therefore appears that this pashmina was a good, quality item for a great buy. It is 70% pashmina (a Nepalese cashmere) and 30% silk and is great as a wrap or a scarf. What I love about pashminas is that there are so many ways to wear them, and they keep you warm around the house.

My one caution is that the color I ordered--eggplant--looked very different in the sample I saw in the New York Times ad. In the ad, it was a brownish-purple, but live this pashmina is a deep purple. I love the color, but it is different than I expected, so a caveat emptor on that one.

To quote The Brady Bunch Movie, caveat emptor Roy. My eggplant pashmina looked less like the above swatch and more like the ones below.

If anyone wants to have a pashmina party, I would totally throw one. I guess you can sell these things to friends and get a commission. What's not to like about that? (that is, if people are actually willing to buy!).


Steph said...

Pashmina party sounds fun! They sell pashminas EVERYWHERE in New York for like $5, but I think I could appreciate a higher quality one. I like that color you got. I'm totally addicted to the pashmina that you gave me from Paris...thanks again!

william t nelson said...


Elaine said...

Haha, we have two takers for a pashmina party. Maybe it would work. Steph, I too wear the pashmina that I got from Paris all of the time. I'm glad you like the one I got you!