Sunday, December 25, 2005

Sunday Night Blues

This totally used to be me in high school. I've gotten better in college, but I found this article pretty interesting, nonetheless:
On Sunday nights, Caleb Weintraub gets the blues.

The studio-art professor says he likes his job, but the imminent end of his freedom from workday obligations makes him less personable and outgoing on Sundays than on any other day of the week. Luckily for him and his family, his Sunday-night slump isn't as deep as it used to be when, through tears, he would tell his mother, "School is worse than eggs!"

To this day, Prof. Weintraub tries to squeeze as much weekend out of the weekend as he can. "I know if I sleep, the next thing I know I'll wake up and it will be Monday," he says. His favorite night of the week isn't Friday but Thursday, because then he can still anticipate the weekend before the clock has started running on it. Come to think of it, he says, his Sunday nights really begin on Saturday, when he realizes the weekend is half over and the workweek is looming.

I guess it's at least reassuring to know that other people get this feeling too.


mokawanis said...

Count me in too. I never met a job I liked. A job is a terrible thing to have...and the the alternative is even worse.

Elaine said...

Yeah, I soon will be approaching the whole job thing, and I hope the Sunday night blues doesn't come back.