Saturday, March 04, 2006

Currently Reading and the Oscars

Well, I just took a look at my blog and realized I haven't been "currently reading" the Clinton Wars for a long time. Every quarter I try to read for leisure, and every quarter--beyond reading articles in The New Yorker and other blogs-- it is a bust. I am anticipating my Florida vacation in two weeks, however, because I am planning on reading Truman Capote's In Cold Blood. I saw Capote, starring the eminently brilliant actor Philip Seymour Hoffman a couple of weeks ago and was left thoroughly fascinated with the story behind Capote's In Cold Blood. Capote's prolonged contact with two men accused in the horrifying murder of an upstanding Kansas family is as unnerving as any exercise where one tries to get in the mind of a criminal. And of course, a person like me who has never seen the real Truman Capote talk will wonder, did he really have such an odd voice, but from all accounts, Philip Seymour Hoffman does an excellent job replicating it. As for Catherine Keener's portrayal of Harper Lee, I didn't even realize it was the Being John Malkovich actress until the credits. I think this may be the best set of Oscar-nominated films that I have seen in a longtime. Although I have only seen two, I am interested in seeing Crash and I guess Brokeback Mountain, as well. It's also kind of refreshing to have all of the Lord of the Rings epics out of the way, though I think The Constant Gardener should replace Munich as a nominee. (Disclaimer: I haven't seen Munich).

To close, I'll list my own Oscar hopefuls along with who I think is going to win:

Best Picture
ME: Capote
ACADEMY: Brokeback Mountain

Best Actor
ME: Philip Seymour Hoffman
ACADEMY: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Best Actress
ACADEMY: Reese Witherspoon

Best Supporting Actor
ME: George Clooney (though I'll admit that his is the only performance I've seen in this category)
ACADEMY: Jake Gyllenhaal
Philip Seymour Hoffman: my newest actor crush.
Don't ruin it for me like Jude Law did, Philp!

Best Supporting Actress
ME: Catherine Keener (tough choice between her and Rachel Weisz, though Rachel Weisz's performance was not really supporting, it was one of the two central roles in the movie)
ACADEMY: Michelle Williams

Best Direction
ME: George Clooney, Good Night and Good Luck
ACADEMY: Ang Lee, Brokeback Mountain

This efficient smoothness of Good Night and Good Luck
makes it my favorite for Best Direction. Can it also
an Oscar for most rehabbed-looking Robert Downey Jr. flick?

Best Adapted Screenplay
ME: Capote

Best Original Screenplay
ME: Squid and the Whale
ACADEMY: Good Night and Good Luck

The Squid and the Whale

Glad all of my favorite movies of the year are being recognized for something! (including Syriana, Squid and the Whale, Constant Gardener, Capote, Good Night and Good Luck)

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