Sunday, March 19, 2006

Vote this Tuesday!

In many states, primary elections are taking place this Tuesday, March 21. Voting in the primaries is at least as important as voting in the general elections, because they determine which candidate will have the party's nomination in November.

I will just briefly list which candidates I'm supporting on the Democratic primary ticket in contested elections and provide links to their websites and endorsements.

Governor, Illinois:
Rod Blagojevich
(official website) (Blagojevich talks gun control in visits to churches) (Top Federal Officials join Rod Blagojevich) (Pioneer Press endorsement) (State education board bans junk food in elementary schools) (Nurse's hold out hope for governor's plan) (Area schools' finances look on the mend)

President, Cook County Board:
Forrest Claypool
(official website) (Voter's task is to focus on what's at stake) (Another loopy Stroger add) (Commissioner takes on the powerful--Again) (Chicago Tribune Endorsement)

Representative, 10th District to the United States Congress:
Dan Seals
(official website) (Democrats get rare primary in 10th District) (Chicago Tribune Endorsement)

Commissioner, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District:
Debra Shore
(official website) (Sewage board seat a hot ticket) (Party voters to get their say Tuesday) (Daily Southtown endorsement)

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