Monday, March 06, 2006

My post-Oscar Show

Well, more like post-Oscar analysis. First off, I want to present a list of people who I think should be banned from the Oscars, so to make it a more credible awards event.
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • 3 6 Mafia
  • Charlize Theron
  • Will Smith (mainly because I don't understand why he's been at every Academy Awards show in the last 10 years when he hasn't been in a decent movie in the last 15)
  • John Travolta (okay, he was good in Pulp Fiction, and he was excellent in Saturday Night Fever, but the latter was 30-years ago. And why must he always slick his hair down to his skull?)
  • Tom Cruise (that man should never be invited to anything)
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Hillary Swank (or at least stop her from announing one of the big awards every year. And why has she won Oscars twice for playing manly women?)
  • Jennifer Garner (I missed why she was there in the first place)
  • Reese Witherspoon (Okay, so she co-starred in a biopic about Johnny Cash, but she was in Legally Blonde, one of the worst movies of all time!)
Unfortunately, I was a paltry 3/8 in my Oscar predictions. I mainly just guessed correctly on the obvious wins like Reese Witherspoon. Here's my question about her win, though: what is it with this pattern of young women, who have been in a string of bad movies or TV, winning the Oscar year after year? Think Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Halle Berry.

Lastly, but not least, George Clooney was looking as attractive as ever tonight. If only we could all age so well, and if only George Clooney, who is apparently smart and funny as well as incredibly good-looking, could be mine.

And of course there's Jon Stewart. He also looked good in his suit and made some clever jokes. Here's one:
I have to say it is a little shocking to see all these big names here, these huge stars. The Oscars is really I guess the one night of the year when you can see all your favorite stars without having to donate any money to the Democratic Party. And it's exciting for the stars as well because it's the first time many of you have ever voted for a winner.


Michelle said...

What is John Travolta thinking? "I've got a huge, fat head. I should call even more attention to my huge, fat head by cutting my hair as close to the scalp as possible. Now, can everybody see the sexy, sexy head?"

Elaine said...

Haha seriously. Why does he accentuate the fat head?

Anonymous said...

i happen to like reese withersppon, who actually is a really good actress i think in the way she can play very different people. she's really good as a young girl in "a far off place" and she i think deserves a good acting job in legally blonde, even if you don't like the movie, which i do. i mean, its good fluff. not intelligent, but i think fun fluff. i agree with the other actresses, but i think reeese deserves it. plus, she won an oscar, didn't she?

tom cruise - i agree he's the biggest douchebag of all times.

Elaine said...

thanks for your post. AGREED about tom cruise. why do people even pay attention to him anymore?

as for legally blonde, i just couldn't willingly suspend my disbelief. if they had revealed that reese's character's parents bought her way into harvard, i could have believed that, but it's hard for me to believe she was accepted on her own merits, applying at the way end of college. it's also hard for me to get excited about a movie that tries to say you can get anything you want if you work hard when the main character is the antithesis of this. plus, the movie was predictable the whole way through without being interesting along the way.

sorry, i tend to get opinionated on movies :-/