Friday, March 24, 2006

Professors take note

Plagiarism is a practice adopted by the lazy or faint of mind, and it has now been made easier (though also pricier) than ever by a group called The Paper Experts. The Paper Experts' description of what they do is especially humorous in its attempt to foil potential plagiarism of their product:
First, you can't submit this paper as your own. But what you can do is use the paper we write as a guide or model to write your own. The term paper we write will contain research and a bibliography. It's just like looking up a book in a library that deals with your exact topic.

The brilliance of this service may be that--unlike other plagiarism strategies, for instance, where a friend's old paper is used--someone is being paid to write an original copy, making it hard for a professor to get to the source of the paper. However, many papers are already written, anticipating the essay topics ahead of time. These ones cost less than the custom-written papers (a 5-page paper on how the American Revolution contributed to the outbreak of the French Revolution is 24.75, 5 dollars per page).
The Paper Experts emphasize their eminent qualifications as justification for their rates:
Services that offer rates of $10 a page or similar prices are based out of Pakistan and provide substandard papers. Remember, people can earn a PhD in a developing country but that doesn't mean that they can write in English properly like Native English speaking writers. People write the way they speak. We have nothing against them personally; we just feel that it would be absurd to give your paper to someone who writes at a lower level than most college students.

Hey, if you're already paying around 3,000 per class, why not pay a little extra not to do any work in that class? After all, who goes to college to learn anymore?

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