Tuesday, August 08, 2006

D.C. is a Foreign Land

If I had cool blogger technology that allowed me to categorize my posts, I would categorize this under "Weird Things About D.C." and make it an ongoing list. In some ways, I feel more a foreigner here than I did in France, but I believe this is in part because I was prepared to be foreign in France and also because I don't know who the natives are here, in part because there aren't many natives. Anyway, without further adue are what I find particularly odd about this city. This list will be open-ended for future updates.

  • Never-ending escalators. I read on the whyhatedc blog that the Dupont Circle escalator was broken the other day. There's nothing wrong with walking up stairs, in fact it's great exercise, but try climbing this at 7:30 AM:
  • Happy Hours. I thought it was just called "going out for drinks." Here, going out for a bit after work is called a happy hour.
More to come, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

happy hours is an age old tradition of the highest order. plus, joints serve their cheapest alcohol under this after work premise. continue to enjoy. as for steep escalators, dc beats out nyc or any other major city for that matter. keep truckin'.

--from new orleans

ps. thanks for the email!

Chris said...

I regularly walked up the Rosslyn escalator at all times of the day. It's not as steep as Dupont's but it's a much deeper descent into the bowels of NoVa.

Ooh...ride one the D6 bus if you ever get a chance (roughly Georgetown to Capitol Hill via K St). It's like commtting yourself for 45 minutes to mini-mental hospital. (To be fair, I felt like I was in a Chicago version of the British sketch show "Little Britain over the weekend whilst riding the El.)

Elaine said...

Haha, yeah I guess I don't really miss the El. I mean, it takes on a charm when you're far away from it, but when you need to simply get from Point A to Point B, it becomes your biggest obstacle. All this summer I would ride the El and console myself that I would be free of it soon enough. The purple line express is nice, but the red line had delays allll summer long. I don't miss being jerked around either. I always feel like the El is going either way too fast for the track's capacity or way too slow for what my patience can stand.

Anonymous said...

I switched from the 'L to the Metra this past winter, and am LOVING love it. I even like the longer walk! But Chicago really does deserve better local transport (Metra does not take you here to there within the city) ~ it makes economic sense ~ something like the D.C. Metro would be a fine start.

Elaine said...

i agree. Chicago-area commuters are not well-served.