Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First Visit to Costco

I think the best way to explain this momentous event is by listing my purchases in no particular order:

-1 giant bag of Pita Chips for approximatelly 6.00
-Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Fifth Season for approximately 24.00
-3 jars of Newman's Own marinara sauce for 5.79
-2 camisoles for 10
-1 giant cereal box of Newman's Own Blueberry Macadamia Nut cereal

Thanks to my Aunt's membership, I was afforded this bargain of a shopping trip plus a hotdog and beverage for a mere 1.50. It is an odd place that sells hummus and pants under the same roof, but I'll take it.


Steve said...

Costco = love. I seriously heart that place. However, lugging back your purchases on the metro can really suck. Especially if among your purchases is a 25" TV.

Chris said...

I have such a love-hate relationship with Costco. Maybe it's because the first person I saw there was the big burly Latino man with horribly wazed eyebrows who checked membership cards. Or because of the mysterious "Kirkland" generic brand, which after a few years I haven't been able to determine whether it's good or not. As much as I like buying in bulk, I refuse to buy furniture, artwork or flowers there. Maybe I'm being a bit too elitist, but I doubt it.

Elaine said...

Yeah, I mean I think it would be impractical for someone without a family to have a membership there, because the biggest advantage is really cheap bulk products that I don't think are as useful for a single person. So unless someone really happens to like all of the cheap books/DVDs, underwear, the membership might not be worth it.

Speaking of underwear, I have nothing against buying it there. The camisoles I purchased are great and were only five dollars a piece! I figure anyone who buys furniture at Ikea might as well buy it from Costco, but I don't know if you like Ikea, Chris.

By the way, their hummus is quite good.