Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Stories and Citations

I recommend that everyone do a Google search of themselves at some point. You never know what you'll find. For one thing, my Google search of "Elaine Meyer" yields as the number one web hit the site, revealing that not only has someone else claimed my name as her domain (it helps her case that she happens to be named Elaine Meyer, as well), but that the more amazing feat of being mentioned in the Northwestern Observer isn't recognized by that site being the most highly visited of those that include the term "Elaine Meyer."

That's right, I got a mention here and a flattering description as a "new graduate" who "influenced" Barack Obama's Northwestern Commencement Speech. That is definitely a little generous but cool.

Elsewhere on the web, I found that someone quoted me in a blog about the New York Times' recent article on female versus male performance in college. The blog is called BlogHer, apparently about women's issues with a roundup of women bloggers' opinions on various stories.

Okay, self-promotion over, or, as an html nerd would put it .

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the quote about the male/female college issues article on the other blog is interesting!