Friday, May 13, 2005

Fun week!

So I was complaining not much more than a week ago about being back at Northwestern rather than abroad, but this week reminded me of the neat things that I have here that maybe I don't appreciate as much as I should.
Sunday: went on a nice walk with Sarah on a beautiful mid-summer-esque day and later went out to dinner with my family for Mother's Day
Monday: Cubs game, which, though a rain delay provoked my friend and I to vacate the Friendly Confines for a nearby Wrigleyville hangout, we had a good time there and met up with another friend who lives in the area
Tuesday: John smartly suggested we go to 1800 Club's weekly trivia night. Before the game began, we were approached by a friend and asked to team up. Through the entire game our team did consistently well, though not perfectly, with each of us contributing nicely. Finally, we swept the last round, which is worth the most points, to win 2nd prize of 25% of the triva cash pot.
Wednesday: Not much in terms of going out, but I got a relatively good amount of reading done. It had to happen sometime.
Thursday: Thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Chi O crush party. Towards the end of it, when several of us enduring ones were still there, I sang Aha's "Take on Me," as we had live-band style karaoke, and that was followed by someone else's rendition of the Cure's "Just Like Heaven." Everyone was dancing through these two numbers. Yeah New Wave!

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"I'll be gone, in a day or twoooooooo."