Sunday, May 08, 2005

The strange language of theater majors

Today I was taking advantage of relatively nice weather and reading outside in one of the quads. Stationed nearby were three theater majors talking amusedly about their exploits and their friends' exploits. Especially fascinating to these people were the "hook-up"s of their homosexual friends. The conversation was the sort of thing I regret having heard, though it was definitely more salacious than my Latin American History book, because it confirms theater majors as the crazy people they are imagined to be, getting involved ever so briefly with one another and then referring to it casusally. Imagine a show like Beverly Hills 90210, where everyone has been with everyone else, which is how these people seem to like to fancy their relations with one another, aided by the social lubricant of alcohol, of course. For some reason, I overheard a similar conversation last week, so that's why I've kind of had enough of self-absorbed theater majors (well, it's not just them) and their amoral existences.*

*I am not a social conservative by any means, but I am against people treating other people like toys. My views about this probably would sound incredibly old-fashioned to someone my age.

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