Sunday, May 01, 2005

Weekend in Boston: More nice people, great show, and a hotel recommendation

This weekend I traveled to our nation's cradle of liberty, Massachusetts (sorry, I like calling states names that sound like license plate slogans). I went to Boston University to see my brother perform in a sketch comedy show put on by the sketch comedy group that he belongs to, Slow Children at Play. I went to see the show last year, and if it's possible, this year's show, titled "The Tragic Death of King Edward: A Performance-enhanced Sketch Comedy Show," was even better. Not only did they weave the plot of a crazy mock-tragedy through the show, but they built it around the medieval actors' illegal consumption of a "performance enhancing elixir." Very clever. Of course, I am the most biased person around since my brother was one of the stars of the show, but the audience reaction speaks for itself: the show ended with a standing ovation, not your typical finish to a student performance.

One of the 'Slow Kids' stars in an incredibly unique animation sketch involving an overhead projector.

I also had the great pleasure of staying in an excellent hotel called the Hotel Commonwealth. Situated on Commonwealth Avenue right in Kenmore Square, which seems to have heavily yuppifyied during my brother's time at BU, the hotel has extremely friendly service and very comfortable rooms. The kind staff evoke my earlier comments about coffee shop employees. I know people are paid to be nice, but it still makes me feel guilty. What did I do to be treated so nicely? Anyway, there's a hotel recommendation for you.

I'm going to miss this bed.