Friday, May 06, 2005

That annoying person in your class

There's this girl in my 20th Century Revolutions in Latin America class who just makes me cringe when she raises her hand. For one, she's about as concise as the Bible, and maybe it's just my personal irritation with her, but when she starts in, I can feel the room tense up until she finally finishes talking.

She also focuses on what her personal feelings are about certain things rather than on analyzing what we've actually been talking about in class (I always get annoyed when students emphasize that something "made them angry," etc. without saying why). For instance, today she was incoherenlty suggesting that the United States has the burden of being the upholder of human rights around the globe right after we were looking at a passage in the book we were currenlty reading about how the U.S. policy in Latin America has fed into repressive tactics against "subversives," i.e. torture, kidnapping, and murder. True to form, this girl probably participates the most of anyone in this class.

Hopefully this blog entry hasn't given the idea that I am against student participation or that I'm one of those students who resents people who participate. My main problem is this girl's unnecessary opening of her mouth.

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