Thursday, October 27, 2005

Be Careful What You Wish For...

...Because you just might get it, as Smokey Robinson crooned in The Temptations movie, a television event remembered to this day only by me, my siblings, and an old friend from high school. Anyhow, I wished for more time, and this mono gave it to me. Seems I have all the time in the world besides the few hours I spend in class, and the truth is, not being busy makes one feel...kinda lonely.

I don't have a lot of memories from early childhood, but one that stands out is sitting on the kitchen counter biting back tears as I held a small Hershey bar in my hand. I had gotten sick, and my dad was trying to calm me down a little because I had to miss some fun outing with my Grandma. I don't remember the outing that I was so sad to miss back then, so although it seems my illness is keeping me from enjoying a pretty fun weekend and week ahead--what with homecoming (school football team is actually doing well) and Halloween--I may look back at this time and forget what I missed.

Anyway, in truth, this isn't the end of the world. I'm actually lucky that my case of mono was not as severe as some, so if this is my one experience with mono, I consider myself fortunate. And I'm up on all of the "Fitzmas" rumors.

I even spent one of my weekend evenings reacearching the English Teaching Assistant position in France through the French embassy. Reading peoples' comments on extensive web forum, for some reason conjured up a bad feeling in me. Maybe because it only reminded me of the stressful aspects of being abroad. Also, the abundance of unknowns that come with this position is discouraging: location (you choose an "Academie," which covers a whole region of Paris, so for instance choosing the Paris Academie could place you anywhere from the Marais to St Denis, a not so savory banlieu or suburb of Paris)--which you don't find out until pretty soon before you leave (meaning you have to find an apartment when in France--not an easy process!), type of job (one can have English teaching duties or act as a true assistant), etc. So I don't know, I will probably still apply, but right now getting a job in D.C. or on a campaign is looking better. Especially because we Democrats need to make it our goal to win back a substantial number of seats in 2006. If we don't during a time when the Republican party corruption is public (rather than just private, as it usually is) we will have proven we have a losing strategy (though I think the Dem strategy should be revamped as it is).

Also, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful mom! And to the late Theodore Roosevelt.

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