Monday, October 31, 2005

Supreme Court Under the Dictates of the Right-Wing

Last week, Harriet Miers, Bush's first nominee to fulfill Sandra Day O'Connor's spot on the U.S. Supreme Court, withdrew her nomination after relentless criticism for her lack of conservative credentials on the part of people who hold very right-wing views. Bush today nominated ultra-right winger Samuel Alito in her place and at the behest of this contingent of his party.

This unpopular president, whose White House is under investigation, with one big time former administration member (Libby) already indicted, who clearly lied about going to a war that is accruing billions of dollars tothe American deficit and has taken thousands of lives in the process, is nominating someone supported by the only section of the country that truly still supports him. The rest of us want to know how soon this disastrous administration can end.

To have a president refer to an extreme political contingent of his party for his Supreme Court nominations, rather than all elements of both political parties, at a time when this president is unpopular--most especially because of the radical policies he supports and the corruption of those who have advanced these policies--is unacceptable. Alito must be forced to withdraw, and if that doesn't work, he must be filibustered. Believe me, this country will not only regret having him on the court when the decisions of a strong conservative majority start coming down, it will be irretrievably damaged by such a court. Look to a return to the radical Lochner court of the early 20th Century.

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