Friday, January 13, 2006

Hopefully Pat Robertson is just getting old...

I don't know if the media has been paying more attention to him lately, or if Pat Robertson has always said things as ridiculous as his most recent pronouncement that Ariel Sharon's stroke is divine retribution for his leaving the Gaza Strip (and I don't know what would be worse.. Just for fun, though, let's go over Pat Robertson's list of divine retributions of 2005 again:

  • A double whammy of divine retribution when Hurricane Katrina's fetus-shape meterology imaging strikes the week of the Gay Pride Parade
  • Call for the assassination of Venezuelan President and socialist Hugo Chavez
  • Prediction that a natural disaster will befall the small town of Dover, Pennsylvania for the town's voting out a school board of creationist-in school-backers
So, Pat Robertson, you better be senile because otherwise you have no excuse!


Schwerve said...

no, he's always been crazy

"Just like what Nazi Germany did to the Jews, so liberal America is now doing to the evangelical Christians. It's no different. It is the same thing. It is happening all over again. It is the Democratic Congress, the liberal-based media and the homosexuals who want to destroy the Christians. Wholesale abuse and discrimination and the worst bigotry directed toward any group in America today. More terrible than anything suffered by any minority in history."
--Interview with Molly Ivins, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, September 14, 1993

just do a google search, its scary that a man this insane has as much power as he does.

Elaine said...

Yeah, he would be funny if he didn't have such a following and political influence. And milkshakes!