Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lawless Administration

Sidney Blumenthal has an article from a few weeks ago that ties together with great acuity and thoroughness the Bush Administration's willful ignorance of intelligence showing Iraq had no WMDs, their political persecution of whistleblowers, and a little-noted practice by the administration of issuing statements upon signing a bill which "expressed his own version of their content...which legally establishes the foundation of their meaning, by executive diktat."

Blumenthal further touches on the Administration's lethargy in getting to the bottom of the Plame leaker and its implied support for whomever ruined Plame's career in ironic contrast to their pursuance of the so-called leaker of the warantless spying executed by Bush. Blumenthal makes clear though that this person was a whistleblower in the same vein as Wilson. As he says:
In the Plame case, the administration officials who spun her name to conservative columnist Robert Novak and others intended to punish and intimidate former ambassador Joseph Wilson for having revealed that a central element of the administration case for the Iraq war was bogus. In the NSA case, Bush is also attempting to crush whistle-blowers.

That there are an increasing amount of whistleblowers with increasingly substantiated claims affirms the fears that this administration has conducted a war built on lies and infringed on Constitutional rights rather than persisting to defend them. Blumenthal's article is a good read.

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