Sunday, January 01, 2006

It's 2006! Maybe Republican illegality will be taken seriously this year

Even though time is just a useful construct and a way to date Jesus's birth, I still find it pretty amazing that it seems like just yesterday the mid-90s were a recent point-of-reference and now it is the mid-00s. In just 14 years, we will be back in non-awkward decade-speak, able to say "the 20s" rather than the weird-sounding "00s" and "teens."

Anyway, Daily Kos comments today on Senator Charles Schumer's suggestion that whomever in the Department of Justice let it be known that the White House had authorized illegal surveillance ought to be treated as a whistleblower and not a leaker if indeed this person or persons were informing on what they believed to be illegal activity (many in the DOJ were against the wiretapping without warrants for obvious reasons). It's not surprising that the Republicans who are calling for an investigation of a leaker on the illegal wiretapping were incredibly non-plussed by the Plame leak. Republican hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Hopefully 2006 will see some light at the end of the tunnel in terms of censuring or impeaching this administration for its multiple lies and illegalities. If the mainstream media could get as worked up over this as they did over the farce that was Whitewater, we would have seen an impeachment already.

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