Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'm famous--not

My letter to the Daily generated more of a response than I expected. Here's the letter from someone in NU Students for Life, printed in the Daily Northwestern:

In response to Elaine Meyer's Monday letter, perhaps she should actually attend a meeting of Students for Life before condemning the organization.

The group is pro-life in every sense of the word, including in terms of the death penalty. And although individual members may differ on their political orientation, we all agree that every person, no matter their circumstances, is valuable and deserves to exist.

Give us a break, we can't address every violation against humanity at every minute of the day, although we are trying our best.

Oh, and by the way, an abortion is never medically necessary to save a mother's life (you can find out more on this topic at Feminists for Life's Web site). The only reason so many people believe otherwise is because incompetent doctors don’t take the time to find other, pro-life alternatives for women and their unborn children.

— Christina Paschyn,

Medill junior

I don't think I need to go to an NUSF meeting to know that Paschyn is wrong about abortion being "never medically necessary" and I'm not sure that Feminist's for Life is the most scientifically reputable website, but these folks tend to have an animosity towards science.

Here's an article in Northwestern's alternative newspaper, the Chronicle, which concedes that I may have a point, entitled "Students for Life Should Change their Name":

Weinberg senior Elaine Meyer's recent letter to The Daily Northwestern may base itself on a clich├ęd liberal thinking error, but she does have a point. The letter argues that Northwestern Students for Life should change its name because an anti-abortion stance is incompatible with a pro-death penalty one.

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Anonymous said...

animosity towards science? Silly cracka, your conservative views can't harm me! Im the juggernaut, bitch! I got my views in 4th grade.