Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What the Democrats should do about Alito

Hopefully the Democrats will filibuster Alito, at the very least because he--like John Roberts--was either evasive or displayed questionable honesty throughout his confirmation hearing. The fact that he didn't come off as a crazed man shouldn't mean he gets an automatic confirmation. Still, it seems that is the moderate Republicans' standard of confirmation. These moderate Republicans--a dying breed, yes--but still enough that their votes would make a difference in Alito's confirmation, are ostensibly pro-choice, among other things. In confirming Alito, they are voting for someone who will almost certainly overturn Roe v. Wade, and therefore aren't really pro-choice. Thus, they should be challenged. The Democratic party should let all so-called moderate Republican know that if they vote to confirm Alito, they will receive a tough challenge to their seat in the next senate elections. Essentially, they are misrepresenting their views to their constituents and therefore deserve to be challenged.

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